The Open-NVM platform has been developed under the supervision of Professor Myoungsoo Jung, PhD- as a part of our ongoing effort to aid the research of emerging NVM technologies, specifically to enable accurate empirical evaluation of real NVM products and prototypes. This work is the result of effort and contributions from the following group of people -

  • Jie Zhang
  • Gieseo Park
  • Mustafa Shihab
  • David Donofrio
  • John Shalf

We also sincerely appreciate Lubaba Nahar's effort in setting up the initial PCB designs for our FPGA-based NVM evaluation platform.


OpenNVM has been published as a full paper in ICCD'2015. Should you consider OpenNVM to be helpful for your research, we would sincerely appreciate if you cite our publication accordingly. The full citation for the paper is as follows:

Zhang, J., Park, G., Shihab, M., Donofrio, D., Shalf, J., and Jung, M., “OpenNVM: An Open-Sourced   
FPGA-based NVM Controller for Low Level Memory Characterization." In Computer Design (ICCD), 2015   
33rd IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2015.


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