Open-NVM platform is distributed with the anticipation that it will be helpful a research vehicle for studying NVM products. You can redistribute it, and/or modify it as per the requirement of any non-commercial use. We have tried our best to accurately document every aspect of our platform in a holistic fashion, based on our own experience during its development phase. However, this comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, and should not be considered as an all-inclusive, exhaustive resource, since the Open-NVM project is a work-in-progress at this juncture. It should also be noted that, this is not a learning resource for fundamental FPGA and/or PCB designs. Our work solely focuses on utilizing the available the FPGA and PCB technology to develop the hardware-software infrastructure for evaluating real non-volatile memory products for characterization purposes. We hope that the resources shared can significantly smooth the learning curve for anyone trying recreate the Open-NVM platform.